6-Year-Old Miami Girl fought off kidnapper by biting him

A six-year-old girl in Miami managed to escape an attempted kidnapping by biting her assailant’s arm. The incident occurred while Ah’Lyric was playing with her siblings in the courtyard of their apartment complex. As her siblings went inside, a man grabbed Ah’Lyric, attempting to carry her away. However, she fought back, biting the man’s arm, causing him to drop her. He then slapped her and fled the scene. Ah’Lyric quickly informed her aunt about the incident.

The suspect, identified as Leonardo Venegas, was later arrested and charged with kidnapping and child abuse. Law enforcement located him by running the license plate number of a Range Rover seen in surveillance footage near the victim’s apartment complex. Venegas claimed he was house-hunting, but there were no “For Sale” signs in the area as it falls under Housing and Urban Development (HUD) housing.

Ah’Lyric’s brave actions have been commended by her family and law enforcement. Her mother expressed concern about the safety of her children and plans to move to ensure their security. Miami police emphasized the importance of supervision and playing in groups to enhance children’s safety.

The incident serves as a reminder for parents and guardians to remain vigilant and closely monitor their children’s activities. Ah’Lyric’s courage highlights the significance of teaching children self-defense and the potential effectiveness of such skills in dangerous situations.