Aamna Ilyas shares her childhood, traumas and life-changing experiences

In a remarkably candid and insightful conversation featured on Freeha Altaf’s FWhy podcast, Aamna Ilyas, a leading Pakistani model, bares her soul, revealing the complexities of her life, personal tragedies, professional challenges and her difficult journey towards self-acceptance. included. Freeha hosted the discussion as an in-depth exploration of Amna’s experiences and perspectives.

The interview began with Aamna recalling the initial recognition of her talent by Friha, recalling the moment when the renowned talent manager declared her a star after a show. However, Aamna’s journey began in a “humble but educated” environment, which included significant family loss and conflict.

Aamna courageously shared the heartbreaking story of the untimely demise of her elder sister Huma, one half of a twin pair, at the age of 22. Aamna had to deal with a tragic incident at the age of 13 due to his sudden demise. Aamna narrated her ordeal, “We actually don’t know ourselves. It was a cardiac arrest, and by the time we took him to the hospital, the doctors were trying to figure out what happened…”

Having undergone heart surgery at the age of two-and-a-half and losing her father at the age of four, Aamna admits that the formidable challenges she and her siblings faced allowed their mother to raise them independently. Worked as a nurse.

The interview unfolded as Aamna emotionally described the moments of Huma’s hospitalization, highlighting her sister’s ordeal and the frantic taxi ride to the hospital, which ultimately culminated in Huma’s tragic demise. Aamna tearfully remembered that when she woke up in the morning, her sister Salma immediately told her, “Get up, we have to go to the hospital. Huma is unwell.” The poignant story of Huma’s head in her mother’s lap in the hospital underlined the profound impact of these losses on Aamna’s life and her subsequent resilience.

The Baaghi actress delved further into her family’s religious background, revealing her maternal side’s Catholic roots and her mother’s conversion to Islam after marriage. He discussed the challenges his family faced after his father took over the family business, leaving his mother and siblings with nothing.

Touching on societal perceptions about beauty, she recounted an incident involving her grandmother’s liking for white daughters-in-law, emphasizing the absurdity of such expectations and the importance of being free from societal norms.

Reflecting on her own characteristics, she stressed, “I’ve always been very smart, I learn quickly.” He clearly expressed the impact of his father’s absence in his childhood, revealing the deep trauma that the loss had caused in his life.

Discussing the challenges faced by women in society, Aamna highlighted the conditioning that leads to self-doubt and a feeling of constant inadequacy despite achievements. Addressing the entertainment industry, she candidly discussed colorism and instances where she felt pressure to lighten her skin tone for shoots. He advocated acceptance and authenticity in casting rather than altering the appearance of actors.

Recalling a tragic incident of inappropriate behavior by a photographer, Aamna stressed on the importance of self-respect and forgiveness despite the financial blow of breaking up with that person.

Talking about work front, Ilyas will be seen next Gardab, DrivenAnd Mastani,