Adah Sharma Reveals Her Favourite Action Superhero

Adah Sharma, fresh from the blockbuster success of “The Kerala Story,” which is the highest-grossing female-led film to date, is making headlines again. Known for her action-packed roles in the Commando franchise, Adah is set to play a female superhero in an international project.

In a recent interview, Adah Sharma was asked about her favorite action superhero, and her answer surprised many. She revealed that her favorite action superhero is Hanumanji. This unique response has captured the attention of fans on social media.

Explaining her choice, Adah praised Hanumanji for his valor, humility, strength, devotion, focus, and knowledge. She emphasized his ability to take various forms, from a tiny fly to a mountain-sized golden body, and expressed that Hanumanji is her superhero.

Adah Sharma’s connection with Hanumanji goes beyond her interview response. She recently shared a video of herself performing silambam while reciting the Hanuman chalisa, which went viral online. Additionally, her debut movie “1920” featured the Hanuman chalisa during a pivotal scene when her character was possessed.