Affan Waheed breaks silence on marriage rumors with Dur-e-Fishan

Affan Waheed, a true heartthrob, boasts of a devoted and unwavering fan base, attracted by his charming performances in a variety of dramas throughout his career. Known for portraying multiple characters, Waheed reached new heights of popularity with his role in the hit drama “Pardes”, where his on-screen chemistry with Durfeeshan Salim garnered much praise.

The pairing of Affan and Durfeeshan in “Pardes” won the hearts of the audience, making the play an instant success. The audience enthusiastically loved the pair, enthralled by their on-screen presence.

The rumor mill went into overdrive when Waheed and DeureFiction Salim collaborated on a wedding photoshoot, leading many fans to speculate about a possible real-life romance between the two.

The gossip gained momentum through various YouTube videos, further fueling the fire of speculation. Waheed addressed these marriage rumors during an appearance on “Hasna Mana Hai”.

Responding candidly to the inquiry, he dismissed the rumours, which he attributed to the nature of shooting a wedding with a popular on-screen couple. He clarified that such incidents often lead to the spread of baseless news and stressed that there is no truth in the speculations.

In a revealing moment, the Doca actor shared insights about his personality, describing himself as an introvert with a small group of friends within the industry. He outlined specific qualities he values ​​in his friends, including the ability to handle their mood swings without taking them personally. Additionally, he stressed the importance of having friends who are good listeners and able to offer support without judgment, even when someone is wrong.

On the work front, Salim is currently seen in Ishq Murshad and Jaisi Aapki Marzi. Meanwhile, Waheen was last seen in Dil Awaaz, Galati and Pardes.

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