Akshay Kumar INSULTED Maniesh Paul & Asked Him To SHUT UP

In a recent interview, the versatile Maniesh Paul shared a hilarious incident involving Bollywood’s Khiladi, Akshay Kumar. At the beginning of his career as a host, Maniesh had the opportunity to interact with Akshay during a film awards show.

Nervously, Maniesh mustered the courage to ask Akshay a question, but to his surprise, he received a stern “chup kar” (shut up) response from the charismatic actor. 😳 Feeling embarrassed, Maniesh was sweating buckets, especially because his mother was present at the event, witnessing his work for the first time.

Despite the awkwardness, Maniesh didn’t give up. Instead, he decided to turn the situation around. Ignoring warnings from his director, he approached Akshay to explain how the incident had left him humiliated in front of his mom. 🙈


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To everyone’s delight, their conversation took a hilarious turn, and they engaged in lighthearted banter that had everyone laughing. Maniesh’s quick wit and sense of humor impressed Akshay, who congratulated him in the end. 🎉

Looking back, Maniesh advises others to keep their sense of humor intact in such situations. It’s all about turning awkward moments into enjoyable ones with a dash of light-heartedness! 😄