Ali Noor breaks silence on sexual harassment allegations: No truth in claims

KARACHI – Pakistani singer Ali Noor has recently strongly denied the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him by two women in a formal statement.

Noor, known for his work with the band Noor, addressed the allegations in an interview, saying that there was “absolutely no truth” to the claims. He specifically addressed the case of Ayesha, a journalist who accused him in February 2022 and claimed that she was suffering from “severe depression” and was contemplating suicide at the time.

“The allegations made by both women are completely false,” Noor said. “I have never harassed any woman in my life and these false allegations have had a devastating impact on my career and reputation.”

Noor reportedly detailed the negative consequences he faced, saying that he “stopped getting work” and became the object of public scorn. He also revealed that he had sent a legal notice to both the accusers in response to their claims.

The first allegations against Noor surfaced in February 2022 when Ayesha, a journalist, shared screenshots of alleged inappropriate messages sent to her by the singer on social media. Noor initially apologized but later withdrew his apology and denied the allegations.

In April 2023, singer Maha Ali Kazmi came forward with similar allegations against Noor, claiming that she had made “undesirable advances” towards him during a professional meeting. Noor again denied these allegations and sent a legal notice to Kazmi.

Noor’s recent formal statement has reignited the conversation on the #MeToo movement in Pakistan and the challenges faced by women coming forward with sexual harassment allegations. Although Noor has maintained his innocence, the seriousness of the allegations and the potential impact on his accusers cannot be ignored.

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