Alia Bhatt’s Lipstick Comment Sparks Controversy About Ranbir Kapoor’s Preferences

Recently, Alia Bhatt shared an anecdote in a video where she mentioned that her partner, Ranbir Kapoor, prefers the natural shade of her lips and doesn’t particularly like it when she wears bold lipstick. This innocent revelation caused quite a stir on social media, with some netizens interpreting it in a negative light and labeling Ranbir as a potentially toxic husband.

Alia’s candid statement about Ranbir’s preference led to an outpouring of comments and discussions online. Some individuals expressed concerns about her husband’s attitude, while others recalled a previous comment by Ranbir where he mentioned his discomfort when Alia raises her voice.

The online discourse took a turn when articles began to circulate, portraying Ranbir Kapoor in a negative light as a husband. It seemed that Alia Bhatt was defending her partner, Ranbir Kapoor, when she liked a lengthy post on a fan page. The post emphasized that Ranbir has consistently shown kindness towards people and highlighted that none of his former girlfriends have reported him as being rude or unkind.

Alia Bhatt liked this post of a Ranbir Kapoor fan page on instagram
Alia Bhatt liked this post of a Ranbir Kapoor fan page on instagram : Source Reddit

However, many netizens suggested that Alia should perhaps steer clear of discussing Ranbir Kapoor in interviews to avoid further controversies. Some individuals expressed frustration, urging Alia to refrain from discussing her husband in public to prevent any more misunderstandings. A comment from a concerned individual suggested, “Instead of blaming people for reacting to the things they say, Alia should avoid putting herself in awkward situations and find other topics to discuss in her interviews, instead of continually focusing on her husband. Similarly, Ranbir should exercise caution with his jokes, considering his age of 42.”

In the end, the incident served as a reminder of how celebrities’ words and actions can generate intense scrutiny and discussion on social media platforms.