Aliza Sultan opens up about life after divorce

Lollywood actor Feroze Khan and his ex-wife Aliza Sultan’s messy divorce had been the talk of the town a couple of months ago but thankfully, the former couple has moved on. Letting bygones be bygones, Sultan is welcoming her new life with open arms and is ready to “bloom” again.  

Although many assumed that the mother-of-two will not stay on social media, Sultan has proven everyone wrong and is very active on different platforms to share scintillating pictures of herself and her little family, however, she has kept much of her life private and her grace intact. 

Recently, Sultan held a virtual Q&A session where netizens asked her some important questions related to her life and future plans.  

Being asked about her post-divorce life and how she is managing her affairs, Sultan responded, “When you Allah, family, your loved ones and immense love and support of you guys then every situation is manageable.”

Replying to a question, Aliza said, “When you have no one to devalue you, YOU BLOOM.”

Will she tie the knot again? that is what many people speculated and Sultan has the best response. “Marriage is half of your deen and everything happens at its appointed time,” she stated.

Honouring those who stood by her side during her lowest point in life, Sultan said,” Thankyou won’t be enough for the amount of love i get from you guys. Anywhere i go people give me so much love and empathy. Every comment and messages i get i feel much happier just by seeing them. And I’m very grateful for each one of you for sticking by my side.”

The ex-couple tied the knot in 2018 and got divorced in 2022. Khan and Sultan are now co-parenting their two children.