Amit Trivedi & Slow Cheeta Come Together For An Electrifying Music Video

Amit Trivedi and SlowCheeta have joined forces to create ‘Mohabbat,’ an exciting fusion of Bollywood melodies and Hip Hop beats. This groundbreaking musical collaboration pushes the boundaries of genre, offering an exhilarating auditory experience.

As part of the Melody x Hip Hop series, ‘Mohabbat’ captures the essence of Bollywood charm and the energy of Hip Hop. The song combines infectious melodies with playful lyrics that revolve around the universal theme of love. It’s a charismatic dance-off between two musical worlds that will leave listeners tapping their feet to its magnetic rhythm.

SlowCheeta, known for his lyrical prowess, expressed his excitement about this unique project, describing it as a “creative playground” where they can be real and raw. Collaborating with Amit Trivedi, a musical maestro, to explore the emotion of ‘Mohabbat’ has been a pure gold experience for him.