At Home With the Furys | Official Trailer | Netflix

At Home With the Furys: Step into the gripping world of the heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, as he embarks on a profound journey, facing the challenges of retirement, navigating his mental health, and balancing the demands of a bustling family life. This intimate documentary offers an unprecedented glimpse into the raw and unfiltered reality of Tyson Fury’s post-boxing existence. Witness the unwavering support of his wife, Paris, and the camaraderie with his brother, Tommy, as they stand by his side through the highs and lows.

Joining the fold is Molly Mae Hague, adding her own unique dynamics to the mix. Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster as Tyson Fury grapples with the complexities of his past, present, and future, revealing the human side of an iconic athlete. Through vulnerability, resilience, and love, this compelling film paints a powerful portrait of a man striving to find his footing in the aftermath of a remarkable career.

At Home With The Furys will be released next month, on August 16 2023.

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At Home With the Furys | Official Trailer | Netflix