Back Elton John bids farewell to fans with emotional final concert

Elton John bid an emotional farewell to his dedicated fans worldwide during his final concert in Stockholm, marking the end of an extraordinary five-decade journey of live performances.

Expressing deep gratitude, he referred to his fans as the “lifeblood” that has fueled his extraordinary career.”You know how much I like to play live. It’s been my lifeblood to play for you guys, and you’ve been absolutely magnificent,” he told the delighted audience at the arena in the Swedish capital.

Continuing with crowd favorites like “Philadelphia Freedom” and “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues,” John effortlessly transitioned through his farewell concert. The enraptured audience, adorned with shimmering blue and red glasses, hung onto every note, fully immersed in the magical atmosphere crafted by the music maestro.

John’s virtuosity on the piano remained as impressive as ever, his nimble fingers gracefully navigating the keys with remarkable dexterity and accuracy. Each song brought excitement to the room, showcasing not only his enduring talent but also his undeniable showmanship.

Throughout the evening, John painted a vivid musical portrait, taking the audience on a nostalgic journey through his illustrious career. His stage presence, combined with his unmistakable voice, stirred emotions and evoked memories for both longtime fans and newcomers.

Delighting the crowd with his musical prowess for over two hours, John skillfully blended his songs with heartfelt moments of gratitude. In between performances, he took the opportunity to express appreciation to his devoted fans, as well as his band and crew, some of whom have been with him for over four decades.


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Acknowledging his incredible musicians, John paid tribute to their talent, emphasizing their unwavering support and the exceptional quality they bring to his performances.

As the crowd rose to their feet during his rendition of “I’m Still Standing,” the energy in the Tele2 Arena was electrifying. Before his encore, John screened a message from Coldplay, with Chris Martin thanking him for his career and commitment while they played in Gothenburg.

Elton John’s final concert in Stockholm was a momentous occasion, filled with gratitude, nostalgia, and a remarkable showcase of his musical genius.