Bank of Baroda Withdraws Auction Notice for Sunny Deol’s Juhu Villa

In a surprising development, the Bank of Baroda has withdrawn its auction notice for actor Sunny Deol’s upscale villa, Sunny Villa, located in Mumbai’s Juhu neighborhood. The bank had initiated the auction to recover an outstanding loan of around Rs 56 crore lent to the actor.

The initial auction notice, published in a national newspaper, was followed by a corrigendum stating that the auction notice stands withdrawn due to technical reasons. Sunny Deol’s representatives had previously clarified that the loan amount mentioned in the notice was inaccurate.

The property in question spans an area of 599.44 square meters and is situated on Gandhigram Road in Juhu. Sunny Deol, his brother Bobby Deol, their father Dharmendra Singh Deol, and Sunny Deol’s company, Sunny Sounds Pvt Ltd, were named as guarantors for the loan.

While the reason for the withdrawal remains undisclosed, it brings a twist to the ongoing loan recovery proceedings.