Being an actor is not easy, Ayeza Khan opens up about unseen struggles in acting

Highly respected Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan recently took to social media to give a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the challenges faced by actors in the entertainment industry.

In an authentic Instagram post, Ayeza revealed the less visible aspects of an actor’s life, highlighting the unpredictability and risks that often accompany their performances. He shared a brief video capturing a precarious moment on set, where unexpected flames posed a challenge during a scene.

The director called “Action!” Signaled the start of the shot with the command. Khan did his job skillfully by throwing a large piece of burning cloth onto the set. However, the fiery act resulted in sparks being left on the floor. In an unexpected twist, the barefoot actor accidentally stepped on the remains of the flames, prompting a cautious reaction.

Reflecting on the challenges actors face while performing, Ayeza admitted the moments hidden from the onscreen audience. He emphasized the uncertainties faced during filming, while expressing gratitude for divine protection amid such unexpected circumstances.

“It’s not easy being an actor,” he commented, highlighting the intensity of a profession where performers immerse themselves completely in the moment despite unexpected challenges. “When the director says ‘action’, we forget what’s going to happen next and we do our best. Sometimes unexpected things happen on the sets that the onscreen audience doesn’t get to see. But Allah our Protecting, and I can. I thank Allah very much for showering His protection on me every day. And, of course, the appreciation we get for our performances from you guys is also unparalleled. We (actors) are always blessed without any hesitation. Thank you all for your support and love. This is what motivates us to work hard in our careers and give our best.”

Talking about work front, she is currently seen I with Wahaj Ali and Jaan-e-Jahan With Hamza Ali Abbasi.