Bollywood maestro Aamir Khan is immersed in the art of classical music

Famous Indian actor Aamir Khan who is often referred to as ‘Mr Perfectionist’ of Bollywood has recently revealed another aspect of his artistic activities. Beyond the fields of acting and film production, the versatile entertainer has embarked on a journey of mastering classical music.

According to Indian media reports, Khan has dedicated an hour every day to understanding the intricacies of classical music, engaging in rigorous riyaaz sessions. Taking guidance from an accomplished music teacher, the actor immerses himself in the fundamentals of music during these daily lessons.

Although the PK actor has not officially confirmed this revelation, the news has been widely spread in the Indian media, leading to speculation and curiosity among fans. Social media platforms are filled with diverse comments, with enthusiasts considering the possibility of Aamir Khan stepping into the singing field and potentially overtaking established singers.

Amidst these artistic endeavors, Khan is also immersed in family celebrations as well as preparations for his daughter Ira Khan’s upcoming wedding. On this happy occasion of January 3, Ira Khan will tie the knot with a fitness trainer. Aamir, who married Reena Dutta in 1986 and has two children from the union, Ira and Junaid, also has a son, Azad Rao Khan, from his second wife Kiran Rao, from whom he is now divorced.

Some of Aamir’s most notable works include rent, heart desires, rang De Basanti, 3 IdiotsAnd riot,