Canada to deport 700 Indian students for fake visa documents

TORONTO – Over 700 Indian students are facing deportation from Canada due to their fake ‘admission offer letters’ years after they landed in the country and settled there.

The students from different regions of India who paid millions to arrive in the country have received the deportation letters from the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) recently.

The students had applied for study visas via Education Migration Services (located in Jalandhar) headed by Brijesh Mishra. The agency had charged each of them over Rs 1.6 million for all expenses including admission fee to institute ‘Humber College’ excluding the air tickets and security deposits.

These students successfully managed to go to Canada on a study basis in 2018-19 but the bubble was burst when these students applied for permanent residency (PR) in Canada after which the admission offer letters were examined and were found fake. On the basis of the same admission letters, the visas were issued to the students.

Some say most of these students had already completed their studies and had also got work permits and gained work experience but on the issue of PR, they landed in trouble. Nonetheless, it is a fact that the PR option of Canada is what attracts the students in the first place and failure to secure that leaves the students high and dry. 

The fraud, one of its kind, has sent shockwaves across the students who are now worried about their future with no PR in sight. 

Commenting on the issue, a Jalandhar-based consultant, said that in such scams multiple factors like forged offer letters of colleges, forged fee payment receipts are involved.

“In this case most of the students were provided the offer letters of such colleges where they did not study eventually after landing in Canada. They were either shifted to other colleges or asked to wait for the next semester, that is, not in the semester which was shown in the documents at the time of applying for visas,” another consultant from Kapurthala told Indian Express.