Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Josh: Exciting #RakhiwithJosh Challenges Await

With the much-anticipated festival of Raksha Bandhan just around the corner, a celebration of the unconditional love between siblings, India’s largest short video making app, Josh, is inviting its creators to partake in the festivities in a unique and creative way under the hashtag #RakhiwithJosh.

This Raksha Bandhan, Josh has introduced three exciting challenges to infuse creativity and fun into the celebrations.

Challenge 1: Brothers vs. Sisters – Amazing Chemistry #Brovssis

This challenge revolves around acknowledging the special bond shared between brothers and sisters. Creators are encouraged to collaborate and create videos that showcase the unique chemistry they share. Participants can reflect on their journey through cherished moments of siblinghood, from heartwarming memories to humorous pranks.

Participate in this challenge by uploading your content here.

Challenge 2: The “Rakhi with Josh” #RakhiwithJosh

This challenge adds a digital twist to the celebrations, where siblings are invited to demonstrate their bond using a unique filter designed to measure their sibling connection. Users can visually tie a digital Rakhi, share heartfelt messages, and spread sibling love worldwide with this interactive filter.

Join this challenge by clicking on the following link: Participate Now.

Challenge 3: Sibling Bond Measured Through Fun Questions

In this challenge, participants engage with a unique filter that assesses the strength of the bond between siblings through entertaining questions. Josh offers a variety of fun filters to enhance the Raksha Bandhan experience.

Explore the “Rakhi QnA Filter” here.

Join the festivities and check out some exciting participant videos from Josh creators:

To join in on the Raksha Bandhan fun and take on these exciting challenges, download the Josh App now and unlock a world of creativity and fantastic rewards!