Cher’s son Elijah makes big decision before guardianship hearing

Just days before their conservatorship hearing, Cher’s son Elijah Blue Allman headed to court to dismiss his divorce with Mariangela King.

documents received by People Show Eliza, who filed for divorce from his wife in 2021, asked for dismissal “without prejudice” on Tuesday.

This update comes after Cher requested guardianship of her son in December 2023 on the grounds that he is “largely unable to manage his financial resources.”

Furthermore, the 77-year-old singer rejected Mariangela as a potential mentor, citing their “turbulent relationship marked by cycles of drug addiction and mental health crises” as the main reason.

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Later, in a statement page sixThe King band member criticized Cher for “historically excluding” him from making important decisions.

“I have always been a champion of the seriousness community and Eliza’s seriousness. I have no objection to establishments that prevent me (his wife) from being a part of Eliza’s treatment and hopefully recovery process,” he said.

In October 2023, Mariangela also alleged that she had not seen her estranged husband since April 2023, shortly after agreeing to “work on their marriage” amid the divorce.

During that time she continued to accuse her mother-in-law of “interfering” with her son’s “health management as well as his location and access.”

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