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The release date of “Emily in Paris Season 4” remains shrouded in uncertainty. The inaugural season graced our screens in October 2020, followed by the arrival of the second and third seasons in December 2021 and December 2022, respectively. Following this established pattern, it is plausible that Netflix had initially aimed to unveil the fourth installment during the festive season of Christmas 2023.

However, the ongoing writers strike has introduced delays in filming, potentially pushing back the highly anticipated premiere. On June 6, Variety reported that the filming of Season “Emily in Paris” had been postponed by two months due to the persistent WGA strike. According to a source cited by Variety, the plan is still to commence shooting by the end of fall, but the situation remains fluid as negotiations continue.

Emily in Paris Season 4 cast

All the usual main characters will most likely be back for Season 4. A potential character who might not return is Kate Walsh’s Madeline Wheeler, since she headed back to Chicago and Emily cut ties with Savoir.

Main cast:

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Emily in Paris| Season 4 Announcement | Netflix

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