Faisal Qureshi has advocated the release of Indian films in Pakistan.

Faisal Qureshi, a multi-faceted star, has effortlessly conquered every sphere of the entertainment industry, transitioning seamlessly between films, dramas, commercials and shows. There is no limit to his versatility, as he has been consistently delivering performances marked with perfection and portraying either positive or negative characters.

In a recent interview with Independent Urdu, Faisal Qureshi highlighted the state of the film industry in Pakistan and proposed strategies for its revival. In particular, he expressed his view on the ban on Indian films in Pakistan, and highlighted its adverse impact on the overall health of the industry.

Despite being a staunch patriot, he advocated the release of Indian films in Pakistan. He argued that there is a genuine desire among Pakistani audiences to watch Bollywood films, stressing that this demand could serve as a vital lifeline for the struggling cinema industry in the country. Faisal argued that allowing the screening of Indian films would not only cater to the entertainment preferences of the public but would also play an important role in reviving local cinemas.

Expressing his belief in the symbiotic relationship between the two industries, Faisal stressed that supporting the release of Indian films could boost the Pakistani film industry. He argued that adopting this collaborative approach, rather than closing doors, would not only meet the entertainment needs of the public but would also significantly contribute to the economic growth of the local film sector.

On the work front, he is preparing to make a comeback on the silver screen. Faisal is all set to entertain the audience with his upcoming films “Demak” and “Mango Jatt”.

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