Faryal Mehmood’s sultry look for Wakhri promotions invites trolling

Pakistani actress Faryal Mehmood is in the news at the moment, especially about her upcoming film. Vakhri, Baba Jani The star will grace the screens after a brief hiatus citing poor quality of the script as the reason.

Mehmood will be stepping into the entertainment industry with three notable projects: Zaheer Uddin Ahmed’s police drama chikkarA cameo in Umair Nasir Ali’s Yumna Zaidi starrer titled uniqueand Iram Parveen Bilal Vakhri,

busy with his promotional activities senti and mental The star is proving that her skills are not just limited to the screen but on the red carpet too!

during one of his promotional shoots For you The star made a fashion statement that sent hearts racing. Mahmoud stepped out in an eye-catching, body-hugging red corset with a ruffled black skirt. The red corset accentuated the diva’s hourglass curves, while the ruffled skirt added balance to the eye-catching outfit.

Although the look caught everyone’s attention, the fashion police on the internet criticized Mehmood for his bold sartorial choice.

Speaking to a local media publication, Mehmood opened up about his decision to act in Vakhri Inspired by Qandeel Baloch, she said that the script saved her life. “I got a good script – not just good but a great script – it was everything I was waiting for. She came and it saved my life,” Mahmood said.

Vakhri It revolves around a single mother who is a teacher by profession and her aim is to teach young girls by setting up a school. However, she faced problems with funding, which led her to participate in a drag show, which became an overnight sensation and changed her personality.

Correlating the project and late Pakistani influencer Qandeel Baloch, Mehmood said, “In a way the film is related to Qandeel; She was our first influencer when we had not defined what an influencer was in Pakistan. When I was preparing for Noor, and I was listening to Qandeel’s interviews, I realized that she was very misunderstood. Whatever she was saying was not far from the truth, but no one listened to her; I felt very bad because I also did not listen to him. We just kept judging him; His clothes, his speech. “We couldn’t move forward from this.”

Inspired by Qandeel Baloch, after a successful global launch at Red Sea Film Fest 2023 Vakhri Set to release on January 5, 2024, it features a strong cast and musical contributions from music veterans Ali Sethi and Meesha Shafi, and special appearances by Mathira, Khalid Malik and Wasim Hassan Shaikh.