FC College University hosts workshop on journalist safety

LAHORE – The Faculty of Humanities at the Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) is hosting a three-day workshop on “Journalist Safety, Ensuring Physical and Mental Safety of Journalists Amid Violent Events” in collaboration with Journalism & Media International Center (JMIC) at Norway’s Oslo Metropolitan University from March 14 to 16.

The purpose of this workshop is to make sure journalists are aware of their personal safety in dangerous situations and how to deal with the government protocol and their own mental health in times of chaos. International war correspondent Abeer Saady has joined this conference as a trainer. 

Dr Altaf Khan, the Dean of Humanities, inaugurated the workshop. In his opening remarks, he said, “Violent events create an ecosystem and it is important to revisit protocols to understand the system.”

Chairperson of the Department of Mass Communication Dr Firasat and other faculty members of the department were also present.

Lead trainer Abeer Saady discussed the safety of journalists and said during one of her sessions on Risk Assessment that “you should not become a story while covering a story”.

The day was divided into five sessions and each session had interactive activities for the participants to make sure that the purpose of this workshop is fulfilled and the message is conveyed. The workshop gathered media academics and journalists from various parts of the country. 

In the next two days, Abeer Saady will discuss the importance of Journalists Safety and different perspectives on the issue.