Fines – Kaifi Khalil announces new single to be released on January 12

Pakistani singer-songwriter Kaifi Khalil has something in store for his fans!

Khalil, whose music track, listen to the story 2.0, brought him international fame, taking over the Pakistani music industry with his husky yet soulful voice. With a unique personality and humility that graces the star’s personality and music one-eyed friendship The singer is putting a contemporary spin on traditional Balochi folk music with modern music.

With over 2 million loyal stans and followers hoping to be charmed by the music giant’s latest project, Khalil is one of the most popular stars on the internet.

Recently, Khalil shared the release date of his new single on Instagram, writing, “My new single.” Fine Going to release on January 12.”

Saying he hoped his fans would be able to connect with his musical talent, Khalil wrote, “Hope you guys connect with it and lots of love and prayers for you all.”

On the work front, Khalil has an impressive discography including several songs Dilbar dila bide, afsos, bekarar, jungle jungle, tauba tauba, drug, Kadi kaye, Bali Gurab, Kadi kayeAnd Easy Going,