Heart Of Stone | Action Film | Official Trailer | Netflix

In the heart-pounding Action Hollywood spectacle “Heart of Stone,” masterfully directed by Tom Harper, Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan take center stage, infusing their characters with riveting performances that ignite the screen. The movie soars to new heights with Steven Price’s enthralling musical composition, captivating audiences from start to finish.

Behind the scenes, a powerhouse production team led by David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Gal Gadot, Jaron Varsano, Bonnie Curtis, and Julie Lynn, working in tandem with Mockingbird Pictures, Pilot Wave, and Skydance, weaves an unparalleled cinematic experience that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. “Heart of Stone” is a breathtaking fusion of action, drama, and raw emotion, etching its name into the annals of cinematic greatness.

Release Date : All set to release in theaters on 11 Aug 2023.

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Heart Of Stone | Official Trailer | Netflix Series