Hira Omar faces criticism for her bold beach pictures

Pakistan’s rising star Hira Omar soon won thousands of fans with her bold personality.

The boisterous Pataakh star shares attractive pictures for her fans and also keeps them updated about her regular activities.

Apart from her acting skills, Umer is an avid traveller, who often shares breathtaking photos from beautiful places. However, her latest pictures from Maldives, in which she is in a tank top and shorts, have been disliked by some fans.

“Merry Christmas to all those celebrating


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PS Go easy guys, it’s just juice. I do not drink alcohol nor encourage its consumption,” she captioned the post.

However, the post received mixed reactions from fans. Some expressed their dismay about the revealing outfit and questioned her religion, while others criticized her for not speaking up for Palestinians during the ongoing genocide.

Umar is enjoying many successful projects including Parizaad, O Musht-e-Khak, Saba Easyload WaliAnd my companion, Currently she is visible As you wish Dur-e-Fishan with Salim and Mikaal Zulfikar.