History of Pakistan vs England cricket matches

Cricket is a sport that is loved worldwide, and no more so than in Pakistan and England. It’s great for a sport to be popular, but in the cases of both Pakistan and England, they’re two nations that have excelled at playing the game at the highest level, and the battles between the duo have gone down in history over the years.

Where cricket is concerned, throughout the years, we have seen a huge increase in interest on a global level in terms of audiences and betting on cricket online, so matches between Pakistan and England have only strengthened this because of the huge numbers they draw. You need iconic games taking place across different types of cricket to keep it relevant and drive popularity, and this is undoubtedly one of them.

Believe it or not, you have to go way back to 1954, which is close to seventy years ago, to discover when Pakistan and England first met at the international cricket level. The fixture saw the teams do battle at Lord’s, and it finished as a draw. Since that famous day, Pakistan and England have met in Test cricket, One Day Internationals and T20 cricket, with around one hundred and sixty official fixtures taking place in the sixty-nine years since they first met.

The match between Pakistan and England at Lord’s in 1954 was a Test match, and in this format, at the time of writing, there have been forty-nine fixtures between the pair. It’s a close run thing, too, with England coming out on top with twenty-eight victories, while Pakistan trails behind on twenty-one. It’s not too much of a deficit for Pakistan to make up, and they have plenty of time to do so. The duo last faced off in Test cricket in December 2022.

Pakistan and England first met in the One Day International format in 1974 and have played a whopping ninety-one times since. Again, it’s England who comes out on top and by some distance, with fifty-six wins recorded against Pakistan’s thirty-two. It’s the format of cricket where the Three Lions are significantly dominant over their rivals, which is quite interesting as the two ODIs played between the two nations saw Pakistan come out on top.

The final format in which Pakistan and England have faced off in is the T20 Internationals, where they first came up against each other in 2006. There have been the fewest fixtures played between the pair here, with a total of twenty-nine outings, resulting in eighteen wins for England and nine for Pakistan. It’s another format where Pakistan will fancy their chances of closing the distance.

The cricketing history between Pakistan and England is long, and with nearly one hundred and sixty matches played across a trio of prominent formats, it’s England who currently reigns supreme with one hundred and two wins and counting. But, as we know, things can change quickly in sports, and every team, especially in cricket, has its golden eras.