Jackie Shroff’s Viral Banter with Paparazzi: From Entertainment on Flights to Safety Tips

Jackie Shroff, a beloved Bollywood veteran, is once again winning hearts with his viral banter with paparazzi. Known for his genial disposition, Jackie took a moment to engage with photographers before his flight, sharing his secrets for staying entertained during travels.

When asked about combating boredom during flights, Jackie revealed his travel companion – his smartphone with Glance technology. He uses it to access personalized content even on his lock screen.


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But what about flights without internet access? Jackie, in his signature style, humorously listed his plans: reading scripts, talking to fellow passengers, enjoying food, listening to music, or taking a nap. He also advised the paparazzi to wear seat belts for safety and encouraged tree-planting efforts for a sustainable future.

Jackie Shroff’s enduring charm and heartfelt messages continue to make him an influential figure in the film industry. Fans eagerly await his upcoming movies, “Baap” and “Quotation Gang.”