Jonas Brothers Onstage for ‘Bucket List Moment’ Singing ‘Uptown Girl’

The Jonas brothers (Joe Jonas and Joins Billy ) made a surprise appearance at Billy Joel’s Hyde Park concert in London on Friday. 33 years old Jonas Brothers performed with legend Billy Joel  during their concert at Hyde Park what he later described as a “major bucket list” moment in an Instagram Reel that documented the experience.

At the start of the clip after soundcheck, Jonas appeared excited as he teased the performance.

“I’m doing something, really exciting today. Bucket list — major bucket list,” he said. “Quite nervous. But the person I sang with is incredible and made me feel very comfortable.”


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In the next clip, Jonas moved towards the Hyde Park stage to join Joel. “The sun is officially down or about to be down. I’m just walking to stage. My friend is on his last song, can you hear it? And I’m about to go and join him up there,” Jonas said, before nervously adding, “Wish me luck!”


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In the next moment, the Waffle House singer was seen hugging 74 years old Joel with a microphone in hand and a big smile. They then perform Joel’s hit song “Uptown Girl”  to the Enthusiastic Audience. They hugged one final time before Jonas waved to the crowd, told them “Thank you!” and exited the stage. 

Hours after the performance, Jonas was clearly still buzzing from the incredible experience.