Kanye West faces another alleged chat leak

Kanye West’s alleged chat with Pusha T goes public on Reddit after Elon Musk leaks it in 2023

Kanye West faces another alleged chat leak

Last year, Kanye West’s alleged chat with Elon Musk was leaked. Now, another alleged chat is public. This time, it was with the Chicago rapper’s once close collaborator Pusha T.

Posted on Reddit, the alleged texts detail different relationships between fellow musicians. These messages are said to be from January 2022.

“I removed the song because it insulted me and mentioned my wife in one of the songs.” Mercy The rapstar mentioned his beef with Drake.

“You let Drake disrespect you, your wife, and your family. That’s why you can’t get your wife to respect you.”

“Don’t blame me, Kanye. I’d never shoot anybody for you, you’d shit on me,” he continued. “Shine changed his name to Moses and became Jewish.”

He reportedly wrote, “Please don’t compare me to her. Puff was better off without J.Lo, she was a ****. I’ve smothered you, and you don’t appreciate me.”

Kanye and Pusha’s working relationship came to a halt when Kanye began indulging in anti-Semitic violence in 2022.

“It’s beyond that and it’s nothing like tap dancing,” the 46-year-old said at the time.

“This is wrong. Period. But to me, this is just me and him having a falling out again. ‘Cause we had that for years.”