Karachi’s Zahid Nihari features in world’s ‘100 most famous restaurants’ list

Despite all the odds, Pakistan is considered one of the most desirable destinations in the world when it comes to food and affordable living and is now being acknowledged globally.

In the latest development, one of the world’s top food review publications has released the list of the world’s 100 most famous restaurants and Karachi’s Zahid Nihari has secured its place in the list.

Zahid Nihari, located on Karachi’s Tariq Road, has been ranked 89th in the list compiled by TasteAtlas of restaurants that should be recommended in 2024.

According to the website, “Zahid Nihari specializes in Nihari, a slow-cooked beef stew renowned for its rich flavor and tender meat, served in a basic, no-frills atmosphere. This restaurant A landmark in Karachi for traditional Pakistani cuisine.”

It further said that out of the 23,751 traditional eateries serving local cuisine in the website’s database, these 100 restaurants stood out for their longevity, reliability and the iconic status of the restaurant and its cuisine.

It says, “These are not just places to eat, but also cultural institutions for their cities. They are ranked taking into account three criteria: longevity, visitor ratings and the prestige they offer.” TasteAtlas Rating of Recipes.”

TasteAtlas is considered an encyclopedia of traditional cuisine, local ingredients and authentic restaurants from around the world. Its catalog includes more than 10,000 foods and drinks, with dozens still remaining to be researched and mapped.