Komal Mir told that she had to eat leftover food during the shooting of Qalandar.

In the ever-evolving entertainment industry landscape, Komal Mir is making her mark with her stellar display of acting skills. Rising star isn’t just about climbing the ladder; She is carving her own unique path through unforgettable performances that leave a lasting impression.

In a recent candid interview with Maleeha Rehman, she peeled back the layers of her acting career and shed light on the challenges that have shaped her journey. A surprising revelation came to light when he discussed a particular scene during the shooting of a drama that pushed his limits in an unexpected way.

Elaborating on the serious details, she recounted a scene where she had to eat leftovers from unwashed utensils – a disturbing challenge she never expected. The actress shared how the director created an unconventional setup, emphasizing that everyone participate in the experience authentically, bypassing any attempt at pretense.

The authenticity didn’t stop there. Komal Mir got into another amusing incident while filming a scene where her character’s aunt was to be given a slap. Shocking twist? This was no fake slap – it was real. Komal was stunned, she felt a prick and could not stop her tears.

The emotional trauma of that moment prompted him to make a heartfelt call to his mother, and express his desire to abandon the path of acting altogether.

Talking about work front, she was also seen nameless, Danger Among many more.