Kourtney Kardashian’s Pregnancy Journey Unveiled on Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian, the Poosh creator, delighted her followers on Friday by sharing a series of images showcasing her baby belly at different stages of her pregnancy. Her trendy maternity wear choices in black and silver, as well as double denim, stole the spotlight in the photos.

In the first image, she sat gracefully in a director’s chair, donning a sleek black bodysuit that beautifully accentuated her pregnancy. Her announcement of expecting a child with Travis Barker was made last month during a Blink-182 concert in Los Angeles, and since then, fans have admired her stylish pregnancy looks.

Another shot featured Kourtney standing in front of an intricate wooden door with her eyes closed, hand on her hip, wearing the same black suit but this time with a lace garment that hinted at the early stages of her baby bump, indicating it was taken earlier in her pregnancy.

Throughout her pregnancy journey, Kourtney has been openly sharing moments on social media, while Travis Barker, her 47-year-old husband, has been brainstorming potential names for their upcoming bundle of joy.

In a recent GOAT Talk interview with Complex, Barker discussed what they consider the “Greatest of All Time” with his 17-year-old daughter Alabama. When asked about a “GOAT baby name,” Alabama suggested various options like Audemars, Milan, and Patek. In a humorous response, Barker suggested “Rocky 13” as his own idea.

As Kourtney’s pregnancy progresses, fans eagerly await more updates and glimpses of the beautiful journey ahead! 🤰