Los Angeles Premiere: Barbie Movie Photos

Los Angeles Premiere: On July 06, Margot Robbie continued to dazzle with her impeccable fashion choices, now guided by new stylist Andrew Mukamal and Balmain. Embracing the spirit of ’90s Earring Magic Barbie, she graced the event in a stunning corseted mini dress, complemented by statement earrings that added a touch of glamour to her look. Ryan Gosling, affectionately known as Ken, was also present, exuding sunshine vibes in a vibrant yellow ensemble, alongside America Ferrera.

As the press tour progressed, eagle-eyed fans noticed the actress’s deliberate departure from traditional Barbie-like aesthetics, opting instead for a sophisticated black and white wardrobe that showcased her versatility and unique style. Margot Robbie’s red carpet journey continues to captivate, leaving a trail of sartorial success and fashion inspiration in her wake.

Los Angeles Premiere - Techopedi.com

Los Angeles Premiere - Techopedi.com

Los Angeles Premiere - Techopedi.comedi.com

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