Maha Kazmi calls Ahmed Ali Butt to give character certificate

Pakistani singer Maha Ali Kazmi has slammed actor-turned-podcast host Ahmed Ali Butt for “putting the public’s opinion to court in a matter which is sub-judice before a court of law” in relation to Singer Ali’s interview. Reprimanded. Noor, against whom Kazmi had made allegations of sexual harassment.

For his recent episode of the podcast, Sorry, Butt invited Noori frontman Noor. According to Kazmi, Noor subjected her to “harassment and professional misconduct” during the Coke Studio audition. Kazmi also shared screenshots from 2013 that included Butt sending her obscene messages.

Along with a collage of screenshots of the convo and screengrabs of the duo’s podcast, Kazmi said, “Mr. Ahmed Ali Butt is passing judgment on a case, holding the court of public opinion, in a case that is sub judice before a court of law.” (Ombudsman of Sindh for Protection against Harassment of Women), which Mr. Ali Noor is avoiding defending for reasons best known to himself.”

“Even otherwise, I have a few questions: 1. On what basis has Mr. Ali Noor cleared his name? 2. Who has given him a clean chit? 3. Who has given the authority to give character certificate to Mr. Ahmed Ali Butt Is it? 4. Is it appropriate to declare Mr. Ali Noor ‘not guilty’ so unilaterally?” He continued.

Kazmi further said, “No self-respecting girl wants to go through what I went through, and it is not at all easy to call out such brutes in our patriarchal society. Self-appointed judges are curious about women and their character. ” Exonerating your “brother” doesn’t really have much credibility itself. I think this is some sick ‘bro code’ among misogynists to help each other hide their dirty deeds, shame on them.”

Speaking on sharing screenshots of conversations and respecting the privacy of others, Kazmi said, “I would like to make it clear that in principle, I am extremely cautious about the privacy of the people I interact with. I would never share a conversation. However, I am quoting this particular conversation because it best demonstrates my point that it is not Mr Butt’s place to distribute character certificates when his own character is Leaves a lot out.”

While talking to a local media outlet, Kazmi shared further on this matter and said. “My decision to end this conversation after so many years was inspired by a podcast hosted by Mr. Ahmed Ali Butt, which also featured Mr. Ali Noor. Mr. Ahmed Ali Butt is giving judgment on a case, a case of public opinion. -Justice before the Court (Ombudsman for Sindh for protection against harassment of women). In the podcast, Mr Butt seemed to agree with Mr Noor that the allegations against him were baseless and that he had cleared his name long ago. Had done it.”

“If I had any purpose other than protecting my reputation I would have done it years ago. And since my previous incident involving Mr. Noor, I have found myself receiving a barrage of insults targeting my reputation, my character, credibility and integrity. I had to go through hell after opening up about my experience. Then why should I risk going through that hell? It is easy to take such unwanted messages lightly and our society has normalized it. There is no woman who has not received such messages. And just because it’s ubiquitous doesn’t make it OK.”

“It doesn’t seem like that big of a crime until you put yourself in the shoes of the young woman who is entering the media industry with stars in her eyes, who gets these messages on a blank morning and her The whole world comes crashing down, shattering her self-confidence. Now she doesn’t know who to trust, and in the process all her relationships with her male coworkers become awkward. I remember feeling these messages. How it made me feel. Here was a distinguished media industry veteran who enjoyed considerable influence. In my Messenger inbox at dawn I was told how he picks out his mistakes. To him, it was probably just a harmless It was rude, but for me, it was a very disturbing experience. Despite those offensive messages, I had to pretend to be nonchalant. It seemed that even though this behavior was extremely inappropriate, I would ignore it and pretend. I will say that his account was hacked.

He continued, “All these years, I convinced myself that I should try to ignore this kind of behavior because it’s so common and maybe it’s just an occupational hazard. But when this interview came out it shocked me.” Shocked me to my core. A man who has his sights set on misogyny has the ability to acquit the other accused as well.”

In April, 2023, in a series of Instagram videos, Kazmi had accused him of pressurizing her to take drugs during her Coke Studio audition after she contacted his office in Lahore. She has also claimed that Ali Noor sabotaged her audition and made inappropriate advances towards her.

However, her audition was interrupted by Ali Noor, who repeatedly interrupted her and asked an inappropriate question, “Will you sing in your own key or will we have to give you the key?” This behavior made him uncomfortable and frustrated. He expressed his disappointment towards Noor, saying that she should be embarrassed for sabotaging his audition.

She also shared that Noor asked her to come to Lahore and let him shape her as per her wish. Despite not being famous, Kazmi said that she is satisfied that she did not compromise her self-esteem for work. Kazmi called Ali Noor a sexual predator who preys on young women who come across his path.

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