Malala’s ‘Pakistani accent’ at Oscars divides social media users

Even after becoming the world’s youngest Nobel Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai couldn’t protect herself from cyberbullying and unsolicited opinions.

The girls education activist recently attended the Academy Awards show — a huge feat for both Yousafzai and Pakistan — and stunned everyone from the audience to social media users. However, not many people rooted for her. Rather, many people criticized her for her accent, particularly her “Pakistani accent”. 

As ridiculous as it sounds, the 25-year-old was trolled by Pakistanis themselves for sounding like a Pakistani speaking English. 

The fiasco started when a Twitter user shared her uncalled-for thoughts about Yousafzai speaking English during an interview on the red carpet. As soon as the tweet surfaced online, all hell broke loose, dividing social media users.

The original tweet read, “Even after living in America and marrying an elite British citizen if your spoken English is pathetic then shame on your “training”!   

Zunaira Inam — an Associate Research Analyst at the Institute of Regional Studies —  responded to the viral tweet mocking Yousafzai’s accent after her appearance at this year’s Academy Awards.

In response, most Twitter users were divided in polarized opinions while some had a neutral stance.

Twitterati went ballistic over Malala being subjected to such conventional and colonial standards of intellect and English language. Many social media users criticized the user for her unsolicitied opinion. 

While many people were critical, there were a bunch who agreed with the user to some extent. 

Yousafzai tied the knot with Asser Malik in 2021. The couple attended the award show together for her short-film Stranger At The Gate.