Media ratings of PSL 8 are higher than IPL: Najam Sethi

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee Chairman, Najam Sethi, has revealed that the eighth season of Pakistan Super League has done better numbers than the cash-rich IPL on digital media.

While speaking in a press conference on Saturday, Sethi mentioned the ratings the marquee league of Pakistan received as compared to IPL.

“Record crowd and record ticket sales. Let’s talk about digital. PSL was only at the half stage, so I asked about our digital rating. Najam Sethi show used to have 0.5 rating on TV, whereas PSL is getting rating of more than 11. So it would be 18 or 20, when it completes,” Sethi said.

“Over a 150 million people watched it on digital. It is not a small thing. At the same stage, IPL’s digital rating was 130 million and PSL is more than 150 million. So this is a great success of Pakistan,” he added.

The final of PSL 8 will be played between Lahore Qalandars and Multan Sultans on Saturday in Lahore