Meghan Markle ‘humiliated’ over memoir draft

Royal expert Tom Bower claimed, “My knowledge is that Meghan Markle is writing her memoir and it will be a huge hit.”

Meghan Markle ‘humiliated’ over memoir draft

Amid rumors of writing her own memoir, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle was ‘humiliated’ and embarrassed after publishers demanded she submit a draft of it before payment.

Royal expert Neil Sean has made the claims following reports that Meghan Markle is writing a memoir and will document details of her life in a ‘money-spinning tell-all book’.

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Neil Sean claimed on his YouTube channel that some publishers have shown interest in Meghan and think there is money to be made from it but it’s all about the money they have to spend.

“Can you imagine the outrage when they said they would like to see at least the first three chapters to see how the story progresses,” the royal expert said.

“In the publishing world, that means one thing. They want to see if you have a worthwhile story,” he said, adding, “The main thing is that they’re not going to give anything to a publisher without top-level security.” But can’t be trusted.” Because it might leak and then the whole deal would be ruined.”

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Earlier, royal expert Tom Bower claimed, “My information is that she (Meghan) is writing her memoir and it will be a big moneymaker.”

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