Memorable Pics of Mahira Khan with her first husband

Mahira Khan is one of the leading actresses in Pakistan. She has embarked into various fields & has been fortunate enough to achieve success in each one of them. Her popularity extends far beyond Pakistan, with an influential fanbase found all over the world.

Unfortunately, as Mahira Khan achieved gradual success in her professional life, her personal life did not follow the same path. Many may be unaware that Mahira Khan was married once in her life to Ali Askari, with whom she born a son named Azlan. Nevertheless, their marriage was short-lived, and despite having a child together, they eventually divorced. Since then, Mahira has been living independently up to the present day.

In today’s article, we will be exploring some resurfaced old photos of Mahira Khan with her first husband, Ali Askari, which have recently gone viral on social media. The shared pics depict Mahira Khan’s husband as equally attractive as her. Upon viewing the pictures, it becomes evident that the couple was deeply in love during that period, which likely prompted them to start a family together.

If you’re interested in seeing recent pictures of Pakistani actress Mahira Khan with her first husband Ali Askari and their son Azlan, take a look below.

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