Michael B. Jordan makes major breakthrough in Ferrari crash investigation

Michael B. Jordan was under police investigation after crashing his Ferrari into a parked car

Michael B. Jordan has been cleared of any possible charges for crashing his Ferrari into a parked car in Hollywood.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that according to law enforcement sources, their investigation has been completed and no charges will be filed against him.

The 36-year-old actor appears to have cleared his name, as investigators were unable to definitively establish who he was driving at the time of the car crash on Sunset Boulevard on December 3, 2023.

Later, footage of the incident showed Michael’s blue Ferrari racing against another red sports vehicle, which was not enough for authorities to establish whether he was driving at high speed before the collision. .

However, an insider claimed daily Mail The actor was driving the Ferrari when it crashed.

According to law enforcement officials, street racing would have been the most likely crime. creed Actor, but for that to happen, police would need to see him driving at the time of the collision or have solid evidence that he was the driver.

Police were unable to determine whether Michael could be charged with speeding because they were unable to see the crash site until after the incident.