Millie Bobby Brown reveals why she left her parents’ house

‘Stranger Things’ hitmaker Millie Bobby Brown is expected to marry Jake Bongiovi later this year.

Millie Bobby Brown, who is popular for playing the role of Eleven Netflix‘S stranger thingsReportedly likes to have pets.

on thursday young woman The actress sat down for a candid chat in the latest episode the drew barrymore show,

In this conversation, Millie reveals the real reason she left her parents’ house ahead of Jake Bongiovi’s wedding, which is expected to take place at the end of the year.

During her appearance on the show, the 20-year-old British actress revealed the real number of pets she has at home.

stranger things “I actually have a 17-year-old dog that I rescued who was dumped on the streets,” the hitmaker began, before explaining that she found it “so sad” to see animals stranded on the streets.

“And right now, I’m like nine dogs,” she admitted proudly.

“I rescue a lot of dogs,” Millie said, adding, “I’m fostering 23 dogs right now.”

In the same chat, the acting sensation commented that she has been living next door to her parents for two years.

She also revealed that “I live next door to my parents. I was living with them, then when I turned 18 I thought, ‘I want another dog.’ And they were like, ‘No, you can’t have any more dogs in your room.'”

“And I said, ‘I want a rabbit and I want farm animals.’ So I moved out and I went next door,” he confessed before moving on to another topic.

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