‘Misbah is forgiving’: Afridi on Amir playing under former coach

Former Pakistan captain, Shahid Afridi, expressed his admiration for Misbah-ul-Haq, during the Legends League Cricket (LLC) in Qatar, where they were reunited with Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir. 

Afridi, who is also playing in the LLC, praised Misbah for his forgiveness and highlighted the importance of avoiding making negative statements about each other in the public domain.

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However, when a picture of the former teammates went viral on social media, Amir faced criticism from some quarters.

Amir, who had previously retired from international cricket as a protest against Misbah’s leadership, joined the Asia Lions team and played under Misbah’s captaincy during the tournament. 

Afridi was asked about sorting out the issues between Misbah and Amir during a local TV show.

He praised Misbah’s ability to forgive and urged players to avoid making negative statements about each other. Afridi emphasized that Misbah’s forgiving nature is rare in Pakistan society.

“I think sometimes players give statements without realising they can come across each other at some point,” he highlighted. 

“They should avoid giving such statements,” said Afridi in reference to Amir’s statement in which he blamed Misbah for doing injustice with him in the national team. 

“I would like to give credit to Misbah here. I am not praising him because he is sitting here with me in the show. He has the quality of forgiving, which you rarely find in our society,” he added. 

Amir is playing in the LLC alongside Afridi, Sohail Tanvir, Abdul Razzaq, Mohammad Hafeez, and Shoaib Akhtar, representing the Lions team.