Netflix brings Animal’s unapologetic story to Pakistan

With the ban on Indian films being lifted in Pakistan, Ranbir Kapoor’s controversial but interesting film, “Animal” is all set to showcase its raw energy on Netflix this month. After earning over Rs 5.4 billion at the Indian box office and crossing the Rs 9 billion mark globally, the Sandeep Reddy Vanga directorial is all set to woo new audiences with its intense story and bold choices.

“Animal” is not your typical Bollywood genre. It sheds light on complex subjects, transcending the limitations of traditional storytelling. While some have called its script “problematic”, others such as renowned filmmaker Karan Johar have described it as “the best film of the year”. Johar has been vocal about his appreciation, praising the film’s willingness to break cinematic grammar and challenge audience expectations. He finds himself particularly fascinated by the unconventional interlude sequence and emotionally powerful climax, which both challenge conventional structures and leave a lasting impression.

Beyond its thematic audacity, “Animal” has a stellar cast. Ranbir Kapoor gives a tremendous performance as the film’s protagonist, who is on a challenging journey that tests his morals and pushes him to the brink. He is joined by rising star Rashmika Mandanna as well as veterans like Anil Kapoor and Bobby Deol, each of whom contribute their unique strengths to the narrative tapestry.

But “Animal” isn’t just about star power or bold themes. It’s about cinematic conviction. Vanga’s unwavering vision shines through in every frame, showing a director unafraid to take risks and explore uncharted territory. This raw, unapologetic approach has resonated with audiences, sparking both appreciation and debate, ultimately proving that cinema has the power to provoke and thrill in equal measure.