Nick Offerman reveals his ‘Last of Us’ return

Nick Offerman made the comments after winning the award for Outstanding Guest Actor for the HBO series

Nick Offerman reveals his ‘Last of Us’ return

Nick Offerman opens up about whether he’ll return the last of us,

The revelation came after he received his first Emmy award on Saturday night for outstanding guest actor in a dramatic series for his role as Bill on the HBO series.

As for whether Bill and his small-screen partner Frank, portrayed by Murray Bartlett, will appear in flashbacks in the upcoming season, Nick remained silent.

“Oh, great question but I’d have to ask someone with a higher pay grade than me,” the 53-year-old actor said backstage.

“It has definitely been pitched. I think we did a whole prequel miniseries of their lives before they met each other. It could be a musical. We have no shortage of ideas. we’ll just see what craig is [Mazin] and blue [Druckmann] Come along,” he joked

Despite uncertainty over his role, Nick revealed that he would love to play the role again, “Oh sure. This time I was lucky. They needed a guy who could shovel. There were three of us in Hollywood, Harrison Ford passed and Jane Lynch was not available.