North West is ‘angry’ at Paris Hilton’s mother in viral song video: Watch

Fans are making fun of North West and her mom’s best friend Paris Hilton for their new hilarious video amid Christmas celebrations

It appears Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West can’t stand Nicki Hilton’s “Tough” lyrics.

On Christmas Eve, heiress Paris Hilton posted a clip from the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s party celebrating the holiday with her mom Nicky Hilton.

American socialite Kim Kardashian hosted a grand Christmas party at her home in Calbasas, California.

During the party, Paris Hilton joined Nicky Hilton and North West to wish their social media family a “Merry Christmas.”

However, the footage put the trio in an awkward situation when Paris’ mom started singing to Kanye’s daughter North West.

The hilarious improvised song created by Nicki included the lyrics “Merry Christmas Little Northie” and “This baby, she’s a princess. North West is the best”.

As an immediate reaction, Paris Hilton defended her mom by saying, “My mom has never done TikTok so she has no idea what she’s doing.”

Later, she light-heartedly captioned the clip:

“North and I trying to teach my mom to make TikTok (laughing emoji) Love you Northy #sliving”

However, fans were left disappointed by the awkward interaction and went on a social media rampage over the painful video.

a user on the site x Commented, “It’s hilarious and scary at the same time.”

Another chimed in, “This is next level.”

“The North was forced to be there and that’s obvious,” said a third.

'North West' saddens Paris Hilton's mom in viral song video: Watch