Pakistani celebrities protest police crackdown on PTI workers at Imran Khan’s Zaman Park residence

Marred by political instability, economic recession, and inflation, Pakistan is most definitely going through the worst of times. The already worse situation is further aggravated by the police attempts to arrest former Prime Minister Imran Khan in Lahore. 

While police officials are currently at Khan’s residence in Lahore to arrest him on the charges of two arrest warrants alleging corruption and “terrorism,” his supporters aren’t backing off anyway even after they were fired with teargas and water cannon.

From asserting dominance through force to uproars on social media platforms, millions of Khan’s supporters have gathered to achieve “real freedom.”

From civilians to celebrities, everyone is raising their voices.

Actor Muneeb Butt shared, “Imran khan’s Arrest today! Blatant fascism at it’s peak.”

The Mere Humsafar star — Farhan Saeed — tweeted, “Qaum ke sabse pasnadeeda aur maqbool leader ko apni qaum se door rakhne wale sun lein, aisa kurne se app is qaum ko hamesha ke liye ek hajoom bana deinge !

Woh aur baat hai ager app chahte hi ye hein , lekin Allah ne is qaum ka muqadar kuch aur likha hai iA !”

The fiasco began when the former PM — on 10 April 2022 — was ousted through a no-confidence motion vote in parliament. In response to his demands for an early election, Khan claims that the government wants to arrest him in order for him to be disqualified from the upcoming elections.