People mix religion with culture, Erica Robin’s take on misinterpretation and misunderstanding

When it comes to misinterpreting the difference between culture and religion, Pakistani social media users are in command. Be it policing celebrities for their fashion choices or scrutinizing them for religious statements, netizens like to go to extremes, which often provokes backlash from the stars. One such example happened when Pakistani model Erica Robin faced severe criticism for her outfit on social media.

Robin looked festival-ready in denim shorts, cropped white top and shrug. However, the comments section was not enthusiastic about the dress and expressed their criticisms about the model’s choice over fashion, modesty and personal expression.

Trolling the model for her previous statement of wearing simple clothes to represent her Pakistani culture and her recent outfit, social media users are calling out Robyn for her alleged attempt to fit into Western culture as soon as she steps onto a foreign land. Come forward for.

“Isn’t she the one who said she dresses according to the culture? I have trust issues now,” one Instagram user commented.

Another said, “Don’t know why I can’t unfollow you. I still like you a little but less, but I’m starting to dislike you, woman! Is that kind of naked to stay fit?” Is it necessary to wear costumes, people?” Another said, “He will deeply regret being born in Pakistan.”

With the wave of criticism, some users came to Robin’s defense. One Instagram user wrote, “You all should be proud of her instead of saying this and that about her! She only represents our culture at Miss Universe, not on the beaches.”

Another commented, “What’s the problem with all of you? She only represents our culture in Miss Universe. She is a Pakistani minority. She can dress as she likes.”

“I don’t like western attire at all. Pakistani attire is the best. Still I respect you a lot. You created history by representing Pakistan in a civilized manner in the world’s biggest competition. You are a non-Muslim, you can easily [have chosen] To wear a bikini, but you chose to wear a burkini. will always Love You. When my daughter grows up I will tell about you. Respect,” another commented.

Although Robin did not respond to this criticism, his Instagram handle featured an excerpt from his appearance on the Adnan Faisal Podcast, where he shared his two cents on the common misunderstanding of the difference between culture and religion.

During the podcast, Robin highlighted his experiences as a Christian in Pakistan. She clarified that although she practices Christianity, her fashion choices are guided by cultural norms.

“I would like to clarify – people mix religion with culture. Yes, I’m Christian, but my culture says I can’t wear anything. People outside have this misconception that because she is a Christian, she will wear everything. This is their culture, not their religion. No religion says you can do or wear whatever you want,” Robin commented.

Robin came into limelight after representing Pakistan at the Miss Universe 2023 pageant, where she paid tribute to the culture and history of her homeland.

Robin’s first success came when he graced diva magazine pakistan In a stunning Tabassum Mughal design for the July 2020 issue. In addition to her modeling career, Robin took on a new role as Assistant Manager at Flow Digital in August 2020.

She has traveled extensively from Lahore to Kallar Kahar in December 2020. Driven by passion, Robin reportedly explored the stunning landscapes of Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan in April 2021 before flying to Dubai, UAE in December the same year.

On her 24th birthday, the model competed against four other finalists for the Miss Universe Pakistan 2023 title at Breniya Kotefaru in Raa Atoll, Maldives, and ultimately won the title. Robin represented Pakistan at the prestigious Miss Universe 2023 pageant in San Salvador, El Salvador on November 18, 2023, epitomizing grace, beauty and ambition.

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