Prince Andrew branded so ‘toxic’ even guards could taser him

Prince Andrew has recently been beaten by experts because he is so poisonous that even guards are not allowed to take him off the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

All of these claims and comments about the current nature of Prince Andrew’s reputation have been referenced by royal commentator Daniella Elser.

He reflected on things during one of his most recent creations

The conversation began with Ms Elser mentioning King Charles’s failed attempts to move Prince Andrew out of the Royal Lodge.

Ms Elser recalled that King Charles “appeared to have left behind a man whom the whole country clearly despised and who lived out his days with everything from a grand, silk-walled room to a sumptuous silk palace”. Spends a lot of time wandering around the walled room trying to find pieces of biscuit everywhere.”

In Ms Elser’s eyes, “the symbolism of it is disgusting, such a famous piece of royal real estate has been left in the hands of an HRH who is so poisonous that pedestrians will be poisoned if he goes within 10 feet of Buckingham.” He has been allowed to tease her on the balcony of the palace.”

He said, “Even the city of York wants nothing to do with him, with councilors last year voting unanimously to strip him of his honorary freedom of the city, which was granted to him in 1987.”

Before ending the conversation Ms Elser also said, “Andrew shows the generosity of the usual Buckingham Palace towards beggars, such as denying Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, the chance to wear it at Charles’s coronation ” His military uniform, his bloated uncle in his Order of the Garter robes, was allowed to wander about, hunting.