Rahat Fateh Ali earned 8 billion from concerts in 12 years

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is synonymous with excellent musicianship and soulful expression. This renowned Pakistani classical singer has enthralled audiences across the world with his mesmerizing voice and deep understanding of tradition.

Khan’s repertoire extends far beyond the classical realm. He effortlessly crosses genres, weaving his magic into contemporary pieces, film soundtracks and even devotional mantras. Her songs paint vivid stories, her voice takes listeners through a spectrum of emotions – from melancholy longing to joyous celebration.

Recently, he announced a significant change in his professional scenario during a recent press conference in Lahore. Going forward, his Pakistani company, RFAK, will be merged with NRK, which will be led by his wife Nida Rahat and other family members. The decision marks a departure from his previous 12-year collaboration with globally acclaimed music and concert producer Salman Ahmed.

While Rahat described the separation as “loving and peaceful”, whispers of underlying tension persist. Sources indicate disagreements regarding family involvement, global music promoter lobbying and live show controversies.

For more than a decade, Salman Ahmed, who was in London at the time, served as Relief’s special global promoter. At the press conference, he expressed concerns about past financial transparency, stating that customers “paid without my knowledge”, prompting him to implement a new personal authorization protocol for future transactions.

Ahmed swiftly disputed these allegations and offered to produce complete financial records to Pakistani authorities for full transparency. He emphasized his extensive contribution to Rahat’s career, amounting to over $22 million in international business and over PKR 12 billion domestically. Apart from financial success, he also extended his support in personal matters, including managing Rahat’s three marriages and guiding her children. Expressing disappointment over the allegations, he stressed his commitment to ethical practices and legal contracts.