‘Reacher’ star Alan Ritchson on childhood: ‘I was humiliated’

Amid ‘Reacher’ buzz, Alan Ritchson reveals what his childhood looked like

‘Reacher’ star Alan Ritchson on childhood: ‘I was humiliated’

Alan Ritchson Has Become a Popular, Intimidated Man—Thanks to Amazon reacher, But his childhood story was different as he was a victim of bullying due to his physical appearance.

during an interview with Wall Street Journal, titans The star explained her childhood struggles, “Early on, I wasn’t physically the way I am now, and I loved expressing myself through music, singing, and in-line skating.”

He added, “It’s not ideal for a boy from an area where all the boys wear mullets and go to school in four-wheelers.”

He further added, “Being a very late bloomer, I used to pray that hair would grow on my legs and armpits.”

Noting, “One day, I was in the high-school cafeteria in my gym shorts when a kid yelled out. ‘Hey, everybody, Ritchson doesn’t have any hair on his legs!’ Everyone laughed. I was disappointed.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Allen revealed that he met a bully in high school who wanted to take a selfie after he was successful.

“Before I left Florida, I met one of the guys who teased me in high school,” he recalled. “He wanted a selfie. I was happy to oblige, but it felt awkward.”

During this, reacher It has become a big hit for Amazon Prime Video as the new season has achieved record-breaking viewership.