Saira Banu Shares Heartfelt Memories of Shah Rukh Khan and Dilip Kumar

Veteran actress Saira Banu took to Instagram to share touching memories of her encounters with Shah Rukh Khan and her late husband, Dilip Kumar. She reminisced about the special bond between the three and how Shah Rukh Khan had shown deep respect and admiration for Dilip Kumar. This heartfelt tribute comes as Shah Rukh Khan’s latest release, “Jawan,” enjoys tremendous success at the box office.

Veteran actress Saira Banu recently shared cherished memories of her interactions with Shah Rukh Khan and her late husband, Dilip Kumar, on Instagram. She fondly recalled the unique bond between the trio and Shah Rukh Khan’s deep respect and affection for the legendary actor, Dilip Kumar.


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Saira Banu began her heartfelt post by describing her “chance encounter” with Shah Rukh Khan at a star-studded event. She mentioned her initial impression of Shah Rukh Khan’s shyness and how he reminded her of her husband, Dilip Sahib. She even remarked that Shah Rukh Khan resembled what her son would have been like.

She went on to share a vivid memory of Shah Rukh Khan humbly bowing before her and seeking her blessings. Saira Banu noted how Shah Rukh Khan’s hair resembled that of Dilip Sahib, and their interactions often included a heartfelt ritual where she ran her fingers through his hair, signifying their deep connection.

Saira Banu praised Shah Rukh Khan as a remarkable actor and a considerate individual. She recounted an incident where Shah Rukh Khan, despite a busy schedule, rushed to her doorstep within an hour to support her endeavor—an act of kindness that left her amazed.

The veteran actress further highlighted Shah Rukh Khan’s unwavering support during challenging times. She recalled how he provided solace when Dilip Kumar was unresponsive, emphasizing his affection for the legendary actor. She also mentioned a touching gesture when Shah Rukh Khan visited her home to get the “Mughal-e-Azam” poster signed by Dilip Sahib, reflecting his deep-rooted respect for cinematic legends.

Saira Banu concluded her heartfelt tribute, expressing gratitude for Shah Rukh Khan’s admiration for Dilip Sahib, whom she referred to as the “Kohinoor of Hindustan.” This tribute coincides with the success of Shah Rukh Khan’s latest release, “Jawan,” which has garnered substantial box office collections and received positive reviews.

Shah Rukh Khan’s film, “Jawan,” recorded impressive earnings, including ₹46.23 crore on Day 2 alone. The Hindi version of the film collected ₹111.73 crore. The film has been widely acclaimed for its entertainment value and Shah Rukh Khan’s exceptional performance.