Sara Khan turns out to be a fan of Deepika Padukone!

Sara Khan has her own fangirl moment for Deepika Padukone and we are here for it!

As revealed in an interview with a local magazine, Pakistani actress, Khan, was a big fan of Bollywood’s dimple queen, Padukone.

Sabaat The renowned actress expressed her desire to explore opportunities in the cross-border entertainment industry, and even revealed her dream co-star – another Khan!

in an interview with PTIThe Raqs-e-Bismil The star said, “It’s a big thing for any actor to work somewhere else, so if I get a chance to work in Bollywood, it would be great. I would love to. I think half of my audience is in India, And the other half is in Pakistan. Who is not a fan of Bollywood? I love Deepika Padukone. And when I started my career, I thought I would work with Salman Khan.”

Talking about his web series – Devdas of Abdullahpur – on Indian streaming platforms, zee5In which he co-stars with Bilal Abbas Khan, Khan said, “I wanted my audience to see this Devdas of Abdullahpur And my portrayal of Gul Bano. It’s an old-fashioned love story set in modern times. It’s about two people who fall in love through letters.”

“Audiences in both India and Pakistan love beautiful love stories. We both love ‘shayari’ and culturally rooted love stories,” he said.

He said, “These are stories that are happening more or less in our homes and in our neighbourhoods. So people from both the countries can relate to it. Our actors are known for their natural acting, so the audience feels connected to them. “

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